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Library Work Study Training Guide

This guide is designed to help train library work study students.

Library Work Study Information

Welcome to the wonderful world of library work! This guide is designed to assist you with performing your work study job duties. The guide includes sections relating to different areas of the library. Please visit the section for the area where you will be working.  If you have any specific questions please speak with your supervisor. 

Clocking In/Out

Students need to record their time on their electronic timesheets on PAWS. Please get in the habit of logging in their hours after your shift.  This will help supervisors be more efficient in approving hours at the end of each month. If there are problems and your supervisor cannot be contacted, Kim Hunter in Library Administration can help out during the day at x2361, On PAWS, you can view your available and remaining hours throughout the semester. 

Important: Students are not allowed to work during a scheduled class time. The only time this is permissible is if your professor cancels or reschedules class and provides a note/e-mail notification to this effect. This notification must be provided to your supervisor, who then provides it to Financial Services. If you end up working until midnight during finals you will need to input 11:59 on PAWS because it will not recognize 12am as the same working day. 

Calling Off

Call your supervisor before your shift if you are unable to make it in, or if you are running late. Please leave a voicemail if the supervisor is not available. If you are working on a Saturday or Sunday you should also notify the Weekend Librarian at the Information Desk by calling 549-2333. 

Getting Paid

Student workers are paid once a month on the 15th for the previous month's hours based on the hours input into PAWS. If the 15th lands on a weekend they will be paid on the Friday beforehand. Direct deposit can be setup through the Financial Aid office.

Telephone Use



Please answer calls: "University Library  ______  Department, this is _______, how can I help you?"

Placing a call on hold    

Press Hold key, then hang up. 

To retrieve a caller on hold press the flashing line button

Transferring a call

With call in progress, press the TRANSFER key

Dial 4-digit extension

Announce the call, if desired

Hang up (this completes transfer), OR if line is busy, press FLASH to retrieve caller

Checking Messages

To check messages at the Circulation (x2386), Information desk (x2451), Research Help Desk (x2333) and Third Floor Help Desk (x2364) phones

  • When light is flashing, hit the message button.
  • Use 1111 as the code. Hit 1 to retrieve messages. 
  • Write down messages and refer to the appropriate library staff person.
  • If you're unsure who that is, ask your supervisor.
  • When the recorded message says, "There are no more messages," after the date and time received, the message light will stop blinking, and you can hang up.

Please note: Use of the library telephones is strictly for library business only. For personal calls, please use your cell phone (during breaks & away from the desk). 

Library Security Alarms

Library Gate Alarm

There are 4 sets of library alarm gates that will go off if a patron has yet to check out an item or if the item has not been checked out properly. The gates are located on the first floor entrance and the entrances to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor library wings. If the alarm goes off it will beep loudly and the red light at the top of the gate will go on. You can then instruct the patron to return to the desk where you can then check out or desensitize the item(s). There are false alarms that will go off on textbooks purchased online or from the bookstore, laptops, dvds, and other electronic devices. We can often desensitize other books so they will not continue to set the alarm off, but there isn't much we can do about electronic devices. As part of our check-in procedure, when a book is returned we check it in and then sensitize so it will set the alarm off again if it is not properly checked out. Please ask Matt if you have any questions.

 Door Security Alarms

The library has 3 security-alarmed emergency exit doors all located on the 1st floor in close proximity to each other. There is a double door alarm right outside the LARC 108 classroom and a single door alarm on the inside of the classroom. Also, there is an alarm door at the bottom of the south staircase that can also be accessed by going out the emergency exit 111 outside of the LARC 109 auditorium of using the door in the back circ area. It is the same process in order to turn off the alarm and reset it on all three doors. Some of the alarms are easier to hear from the desk than others, but if you hear the alarm going off, you can get the main keys (on the blue cat keychain) and the green-colored key labeled AA-A2:

  • The alarms are really loud so you want to act fast and grab the green key and turn the lock on the alarm counter-clockwise in order to turn the alarm off
  • Leave the key in the lock, once the audible alarm is turned off, you then need to turn the key all the way clockwise in order to reset the alarm
  • Once the alarm is reset, you will see the orange light beep every 10 seconds or so letting you know the door alarm is back on and you can then take the key out by going counter-clockwise to where the key started

If you can't find the keys or are having trouble please see a staff member immediately, also you might want to practice this when the library is not busy and class is not in session in 108 or 109. That way you can be prepared for when the alarms are going off.

Doorbell on back service entrance

There is a doorbell on the back service entrance that is only for campus staff, the ILL/Prospector courier, and other deliveries. If you hear the doorbell and it is the courier please let them in if there is no other staff around. You can access the emergency exit/staff entrance by exiting out the back circulation door. If it is not a staff member or a delivery and it is just a patron looking for an entrance, please direct them to either the south wing entrance or the front entrance as these doors are not a public entrance. As part of the closing procedures, we keep the back door in the circ area locked at nights.

Library Policies

The Library adheres to a number of policies. It is important to be aware of these polices to enforce them.

Lost & Found

If items are found in or around the LARC building, they are to be taken to the Lost & Found at the Circulation Desk. The only exception to this rule is flash/thumb drives. Any flash drives found laying around should be taken to the IT Help Desk on the first floor.