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Library Work Study Training Guide

This guide is designed to help train library work study students.

Guest LogIn

The guest log in is available at the Librarian computer station.  This log in should not be given to the guest but instead library staff should log (using the guest log in) the guest in at the work station of their choice. 

Accessing the Wireless

While in the LARC (and many other buildings on campus) it is possible to access the TWolfnet wireless.  To log in to the TWolfnet wireless a user must first register the device they wish to use to access the network. This can be done by visiting the IT Helpdesk webpage and clicking on the TWolfnet link.  In order to register a device the user must have an e-account log in and know their device's MAC address.  For futher information please visit the IT website or registration page

Network Log In

Unable to login:


  • Changing Password:
  • Must be completed from a campus network computer.
  • Press control+alt+delete and click "change password"
  • OR Login to Webmail, click options, then click "change password"
  • Create a Strong Password. 
    • Include atleast 2 of the following: Capital Letter, Special Character, and/or numerals in addition to lowercase letters. 


The Blackboard is the same as the campus E-Account password. Unable to login:


Change Password:

  • login then click "personal information" ---> "change password"

    PAWS Account

    Unable to login:

    • Have them try the default password.
    • If it works it will prompt them to change the password to a 4-digit PIN. 
    • If the default doesn't work have them Contact the HelpDesk to reset their PIN.


    Printing Allotment and Purchasing Additional Pages

    Students are alotted 35 free pages of printing per enrolled credit hour. Students that have used this allotment will receive a message stating "Out of Funds". If the student has used all of their allotment they can purchase additional pages at the Card Value Center (CVC) located in the Library (next to the copy machine).  Directions for using this machine are provided on the machine.

    Note: The CVC does not take coins. The per page cost for printing is 5 cents.  


    Large Print Jobs

    Print jobs over 30 pages require an additional confirmation before the job will print.  A screen will display asking the student to confirm the print job. The student is required to select continue to print from a drop down menu.  If they neglect to select print on this window the job will cancel.  See below:



    Network or Computer Printing Outage

    In some cases the network will be down limiting the ability to print.  In this case notify the Librarian on Duty so they can contact the IT Help Desk.

    If the student cannot print but does not receive a message and other computers are printing have the student try another computer. 


    For More Info:  Visit the IT departments Student Printing webpage  

    Microsoft Office

    Printing Multiple Slides in PowerPoint:

    1. Open the Presentation.
    2. Go to Print.
    3. Select "slides per page" from the Handout section of the Print Options window. 

    Making a Word 2007 file compatible with Word 2003 ?

    • Word 2007 saves files as .docx by default.  It is necessary to change this to .doc if you wish for Word 2003 to be able to read the file. 


    Printer Paper

    Paper for the two printers in the Library are located in the green cabinet by the Emergency Exit.  Please ask the Librarian on Duty to open it for you if you need to add paper.