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Library Work Study Training Guide

This guide is designed to help train library work study students.

Millennium Circulation Desk Shortcuts

Student Millennium Training  

1.    Checking out Items

a.    Click on Circulation desk in on the left hand side menu

b.    Find patron record by ‘n’ prefix for name, or  ‘u’ prefix for PID#

c.    Type in a ‘b’ for barcode before scanning or typing in item barcodes.

d. You will come across items that don't have barcodes and aren't in the system. These will primarily be journals. In these cases, affix a barcode to the left front cover in the middle, and then scan it. You will be prompted to add an "On the Fly" item.

Click here to learn how to do this. 

e.    When finished hit close folder on top right corner to end transaction

f.    Undergrads and community get 4 weeks  (1 week audiovisual checkout) and Faculty, staff, grad students get 6 months (1 week audiovisual checkout)

g.  Undergrads, grad students, faculty and staff have unlimited checkout. LID card holders can check out up to 10 items.  All other community members can check out up to 4 items.


2.    Account Information

a.    You can renew from the checked-out item tab (renewals can also be down from the renew button on the horizontal menu on the left

b.    The holds tab will tell you if the patron has items on the hold shelf, you can also cancel unwanted holds from here

c.    The Fines tab is where you collect payments for overdue book fines and lost book fees ($100 now)


3.    Checking in

a.    Click on check-in on the left hand side menu

b.    Type a ‘b’ for barcode and begin scanning or entering in the barcode #

c.    If there is no barcode or it isn’t scanning you can also search by title or author by using‘t’ or ‘a’ prefixes before your search


4.   Notices Pull list (Item paging list)

a.   Click on the Notices button on the left side menu, then select Item Paging List for the notice type, and then select Prepare Notices

b.   Once the list generates, you want select Send Notices, which will then print the paging slips

c.    Once the items from the paging slips are retrieved you can then check them in on the check-in screen and a hold slip will print out for the book.  You can then highlight the patrons last name, date the slip, and then place it in the hold shelf in alphabetical order


If a patron can't place a hold on one of our items, or in Prospector, they may not have set up an account.  You can help them do this from within the catalog website. Click here to see how to create a library account. 

  • Patrons CANNOT use Prospector until they've created an account in the catalog first. If a patron cannot remember his/her password, advise to click on the Forgot your PIN? button. This clears the previous password and allows the patron to create a new one. The patron should receive an e-mail stating this.
  • If no e-mail has been received within 15 minutes, and the patron still cannot set up a new password, you can delete the existing password from within the patron's account. You will need to get a circulation staff member (Matt, Sandy) or the weekend or evening librarians/staff (Mark, Gayle, John) to type in their initials.
  • Be sure the web account is closed before bringing up the patron's account in Millennium. Once you have the account up, click Edit.  AN ACCOUNT CANNOT BE OPEN BOTH ON THE CATALOG WEBSITE AND IN MILLENNIUM AND HAVE CHANGES MADE TO IT.  The password is encrypted and looks like = xiv4F4VH3NR0k Highlight it, and click on delete. You will be prompted for initials here before the password can be deleted.

Placing a Hold

If a patron calls and is unable to place a hold using his/her catalog account, you can do this through the system

  1. Open the patron's account
  2. Click on Holds
  3. Click on Add Holds
  4. Search for the item by title
  5. Be ABSOLUTELY SURE the item is one of ours; the location code must start with P: psg, psa, psc, etc.Otherwise, you are requesting something from Ft. Collins Morgan Library.
  6. Click on the title so it displays separately, then on Hold Selected Item
  7. Choose Place Hold, then OK on the next two pop up options
  8. Choose the box next to the item you just added, then print.
  9. VERY IMPORTANT: hold requests made this way do not get added to the pull list, so you MUST print them out from the patron's account.

Adding a Patron

Types of Patrons

1.) CSU-Pueblo Students Faculty, Staff are CSU-Pueblo affiliates.  Usually, these users will already be in the catalog system since their information is automatically uploaded every month. 

Community members can be added into the catalog system in one of two ways:

2.) LID Patrons purchase an LID card (kept in top drawer) for $5.00.

  • They must show a photo ID and fill out the LID application form. Their LID number becomes their university id, and the barcode on the card should be scanned as their patron barcode.  Upon receiving 5.00, write the patron a receipt.
  • LID patrons can check out up to 10 items at a time, and have Prospector and interlibrary loan privileges. If they wish to use interlibrary loan, they need to be directed to interlibrary loan staff to be added to that system.
  • LID Patrons are able to log into the campus computing network by using their LID number as userid and the default password (in the folder with the LID applications). They are forced to change their password upon their first login.  They can print by adding funds to their LID cards at the Valuport machine in the IT area. (If they are logged in but haven't added funds, they must log out, add funds, then log back in again to be able to print.) LID patrons also have Prospector and interlibrary loan privileges.

3.) Community Patrons must show a photo ID. A driver's license is acceptable, and the driver's license number can be used as the university ID.

  • Since these patrons have no university id card, you cannot add a bar code when entering them into the system.
  •  Community patrons can check out 4 items based on their registration.

Patron Registration

a.    Make sure you are on the Circulation desk tab on the left, click on the New button on the top

b.    Select the appropriate template based on the patron type and enter in the patron’s information.  If it is an LID patron they need to buy a card for $5 and fill out the application form at the desk.  Fill out the boxes in as complete as possible. (The University ID is the PID number for CSU-Pueblo affiliates.  It is the LID number for LID patrons. Be sure to start with either PID or LID when adding these.)

c.    After all the data is entered, click the Insert button towards the top of the box and the process is complete.  Items can now be checked out to this patron record.

Editing a Patron Record

1. Open the patron record

2. Click on Edit

3. Scroll the field that needs to be updated, update it. 

4. Click Save then close the record. 

On the Fly item

You will come across items that don't have barcodes and aren't in the system. These will primarily be journals. In these cases, affix a barcode to the left front cover in the middle, and then scan it.

You will be prompted to add an "On the Fly" item.

Click here to learn how to do this.