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Library Work Study Training Guide

This guide is designed to help train library work study students.

Prospector Processing/ Courier Procedures

Courier Procedures

CSU-Pueblo Library uses the CLIC Courier Service to transfer items to and from other Prospector Libraries .  The courier service requires that items being transferred are prepared in a certain manner.  Please watch the tutorial (by clicking on the link below) to learn more about properly preparing items for delivery using the courier.  Courier slips for Prospector libraries are at the circulation desk arranged alphabetically.

​Processing Prospector Materials

Checking In Items from Courier, Placing on Holdshelf   

  • Items come through courier 1x a day, and courier slips will be marked: Prospector Loan.
  • Unband item, there will be paperwork inside that shows patron’s name, but just check in and patron’s name will also pop up. (Double check that name matches the one on the paperwork.)  
  •  A message box identifies all Prospector materials, when checking in or out. These items get a unique bar code and in the patron’s record, the location code will vary depending on what library sent the item.
  •  Once item is checked in, put a book band on it. Book bands: Green for books, Yellow for audiovisual items. Write the patron’s name on the Prospector book band and affix band around the item. (You can use the paperwork that comes with the item, fold it and tape  to the book band.)
  • Shelve item alphabetically by patron’s last name. PLEASE BE SURE TO BAND TOGETHER ALL ITEMS FOR EACH PATRON.
  • When patron comes, check out Prospector item to patron’s account. Now you will see the due date, and can stamp the book band with the date.

Returning Prospector Items, Checking In and Putting in Courier 

  • When patrons return Prospector items, a message box will pop up indicating it as Prospector.
  • Remove bookband, and see which library sent it from paperwork, or from popup message on patron screen.
  • Get appropriate blue courier slip, and write today’s date on it. Place rubber bands horizontally & vertically around item, fold and staple courier slip on top. If there are multiple items to return, can band together up to 3 items. Place in courier bin for pickup.

Opening/Closing Procedures

Circulation Opening Procedures

Please follow these steps when opening the Circulation Area. If you have any questions please ask a Circulation Level 2 supervisor or the opening librarian. 

  • Turn on and login to Circulation Desk computers.
  • Change the date stamps.
  • Change the daily calendars.
  • Unlock the safe and retrieve money bags.
  • Place money in circ desk drawer.
  • Check in any books, videos, etc. with a backdate of previous open day (need supervisor authorization)
  • Bring in items from book drop (key has chain on it)
  • Check videos and then rewind, if necessary
  • Unlock gallery door
  • Turn on display case lights
  • Unlock classrooms 108 and 109 if classes are scheduled 

Circulation Closing Procedures

Please follow these steps when closing the Circulation area at night. If you have any questions please ask a Circulation Level 2 supervisor or the closing librarian. 

  • Count and record money 1/2 hour before closing time
  • Make sure all laptops and iPads have been returned and checked in (search in catalog!).
  • Once all laptops are returned lock laptop cabinet; do the same for Ipads.
  • Place all money in bank bags; put bags, keys, and laptop cabinet keys in safe. Lock Safe!!
  • Log off left computer approximately 10 minutes before closing (keep right computer on until just prior to leaving) 
  • Lock gallery door and classrooms 108 and 109.
  • Turn off lights in display cases.

Building Closing Procedures

Circ Students: 20 minutes prior to closing, begin announcing on the first floor that the library will be closing soon. 

  • At this time, close the first floor elevator door to deter patrons from going upstairs.  Elevator doors on upper floors can remain open.
  • Sweep the upper floors, and bring any books that need to be reshelved (on carts and laying on desks, shelves, etc.) to the circ desk to check in using the 'Count Use' function in III.
  • Check Stairwell 2 (the NE one coming out at the coffee cart)  and  Stairwell 1 (coming directly outside the building). Be sure Stairwell 2 door is not propped open.  
  • Lock Orman gallery door.

Please count the number of patrons on each floor that you clear and write down or give to Sandy for Friday evening stats.

Librarian:  20 minutes prior to closing, sweep the third floor, gathering up any loose magazines or bound journals to leave at the third floor Help Desk, wing and wing stairwell (Stairwell 4), closing the wing doors on each floor, and door to 108 and 109 from main lobby.  

  • Check exterior south wing door and doors both in hallway and within 108, making sure they aren’t propped open.  Check Stairwell 3 (southwest stairwell that comes into the delivery hallway in the circulation area).
  • Close interior classroom and conference room doors.
  • On Fridays, please count the number of patrons on each floor that you clear and write down or give to Sandy for Friday evening stats.

Computer and Printer Help

Guest Login

The library use policy was updated in 2017 and the guest login is no longer available. Community members wishing to use a library computer must purchase an LID card at the circulation desk for $5.00. (See Library Use Policy for more information).

Network Log In

  • Unable to login: Have them try the default password. If that fails, have them reset their password

Changing Password: Must be completed from a campus network computer.

  • Press control+alt+delete and click "change password"
  • OR Login to Webmail, click options, then click "change password"
  • Create a Strong Password. Include at least two of the following: Capital Letter, Special Character, and/or numerals in addition to lowercase letters. 

Microsoft Office

Making a Word 2007 file compatible with Word 2003: Word 2007 saves files as .docx by default. It is necessary to change this to .doc if you wish for Word 2003 to be able to read the file. 

Accessing the Wireless

While in the LARC (and many other buildings on campus) it is possible to access the TWolfnet wireless. To log in to the TWolfnet wireless a user must first register the device they wish to use to access the network. In order to register a device the user must have an e-account log in and know their device's MAC address. (See IT page for more information). 

Printing Multiple Slides in PowerPoint

  • Open the Presentation.
  • Go to Print.
  • Select "slides per page" from the Handout section of the Print Options window. 


  • The Blackboard login is the same as the campus E-Account password.
  • Unable to login: Have them try the default password. If that fails, have them reset their password

Change Password

Visit Password Help (under Current Students) to change password.

Printer Paper

Paper for the two printers in the Library are located in the green cabinet by the Emergency Exit. Please ask the Librarian on duty to open it for you if you need to add paper. 

PAWS Account

Unable to login: Have them try the default password. If it works it will prompt them to change the password to a 4-digit PIN. 
If the default doesn't work have them Contact the HelpDesk to reset their PIN.


Printing Allotment and Purchasing Additional Pages

Students are allotted 35 free pages of printing per enrolled credit hour. Students that have used this allotment will receive a message stating "Out of Funds". If the student has used all of their allotment they can purchase additional pages at the ValuPort located in the Library (next to the copy machine). Directions for using this machine are provided on the machine.

Note: The ValuPort does not take coins. The per page cost for printing is 5 cents.  

Large Print Jobs

Print jobs over 30 pages require an additional confirmation before the job will print. A screen will display asking the student to confirm the print job. The student is required to select continue to print from a drop down menu. If they neglect to select print on this window the job will cancel. 
Network or Computer Printing Outage

In some cases the network will be down limiting the ability to print. In this case notify the Librarian on duty so they can contact the IT Help Desk.

If the student cannot print but does not receive a message and other computers are printing have the student try another computer. 

Shelving Books

Item Locations

6th Floor: A-D call numbers

5th Floor: E-PR call numbers

4th Floor: PS-Z call numbers; Children's book collection; Government Documents (Use SUDOC organization NOT LC call numbers). 

3rd Floor: Periodicals

2nd Floor: Reference Collection (A-Z call numbers)

1st Floor: DVD & CD collection; New Books (A-Z call numbers). 


Hold Shelf

What's on the Hold Shelf?

So glad you asked!  When a patron requests a hold through the library catalog we will pull from the shelf and hold it for them to pick up at the circulation desk. These are kept on the hold shelf until they're picked up, or for 10 days, and reshelved if they aren't picked up.  Prospector and interlibrary loan materials are also kept here for pick up. If Prospector items aren't picked up within 14 days, they are returned to the lending library. The Interlibrary Loan staff will handle those items which are not picked up in a timely fashion.

All items (our own, Prospector, and ILL) for a patron should be bundled together with rubber bands, so that the patron receives everything requested when picking up his/her items.

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