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Library Work Study Training Guide

This guide is designed to help train library work study students.

Courier Procedures

CSU-Pueblo Library uses the CLIC Courier Service to transfer items to and from other Prospector Libraries .  The courier service requires that items being transferred are prepared in a certain manner.  Please watch the tutorial (by clicking on the link below) to learn more about properly preparing items for delivery using the courier.  Courier slips for Prospector libraries are at the circulation desk arranged alphabetically.

Processing Prospector Materials

General info:

Checking In Items from Courier, Placing on Holdshelf   

  1. Items come through courier 1x a day, and courier slips will be marked: Prospector Loan.
  2. Unband item, there will be paperwork inside that shows patron’s name, but just check in and patron’s name will also pop up. (Double check that name matches the one on the paperwork.)  
  3.  A message box identifies all Prospector materials, when checking in or out. These items get a unique bar code and in the patron’s record, the location code will vary depending on what library sent the item.
  4.  Once item is checked in, put a book band on it. Book bands: Green for books, Yellow for audiovisual items. Write the patron’s name on the Prospector book band and affix band around the item. (You can use the paperwork that comes with the item, fold it and tape  to the book band.)
  5. Shelve item alphabetically by patron’s last name. PLEASE BE SURE TO BAND TOGETHER ALL ITEMS FOR EACH PATRON.
  6. When patron comes, check out Prospector item to patron’s account. Now you will see the due date, and can stamp the book band with the date.

Returning Prospector Items, Checking In and Putting in Courier 

  1. When patrons return Prospector items, a message box will pop up indicating it as Prospector.
  2. Remove bookband, and see which library sent it from paperwork, or from popup message on patron screen.
  3. Get appropriate blue courier slip, and write today’s date on it. Place rubber bands horizontally & vertically around item, fold and staple courier slip on top. If there are multiple items to return, can band together up to 3 items. Place in courier bin for pickup.