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Library Work Study Training Guide

This guide is designed to help train library work study students.

Introduction to SuDoc

Most of the collection at CSU-Pueblo Library  uses the Library of Congress Classification system as it's organizational scheme.  However, the Government Documents area of the collection uses another system to organize materials.  The Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) Classification System was developed by the United States Government Printing Office specifically to organize government documents.  Whereas the LC classification system organizes items by subject area the SuDoc system instead organizes items by the government department and agency that created them.  Use the information on this page to explore more about SuDoc and how to understand it. 

Learn more about SuDoc Numbering

Michigan State University and the American Library Association's Government Documents Round Table worked together to produce a valuable tutorial for library student workers and staff.  Please explore the links below to learn more about SuDoc numbering and try out your knowledge. 

Basic List of SuDoc Abbreviations for Gov. Department

Superintendent of Documents Classification System
A Agriculture Department AE National Archives and Records Administration
B Broadcasting Board of Governors C Commerce Department
C 3 Census Bureau CC Federal Communications Commission
CR Civil Rights Commission CS Civil Service Commission
D Defense Department E Energy Department
ED Education Department EP Environmental Protection Agency
FA Fine Arts Commission FCA Farm Credit Administration
FEM Federal Emergency Management Administration (became part of Homeland Security -- HS) FHF Federal Housing Finance Board
FMC Federal Maritime Commission FM Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
FR Federal Reserve System Board of Governors FT Federal Trade Commission
FTZ Federal Trade Zone Board GA Government Accountability Office (formerly: General Accounting Office)
GP Government Printing Office GS General Services Administration
HE Health and Human Services Department HH Housing and Urban Development Department
HS Homeland Security Department I Interior Department
I 19 U.S. Geological Survey IA U.S. Information Agency
IC Interstate Commerce Commission ID U.S. Agency for International Development
ITC International Trade Commission J Justice Department
JU Judiciary (Courts of the United States) L Labor Department
LC Library of Congress LR National Labor Relations Board
MS Merit Systems Protection Board NA National Academy of Sciences
NAS National Aeronautics and Space Administration NC National Capital Planning Commission
NCU National Credit Union Administration NF National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
NS National Science Foundation OP Overseas Private Investment Corporation
P United States Postal Service PE Peace Corps
PM Personnel Management Office PR President of the United States
PREX Executive Office of the President PRVP Vice President of the United States
RR Railroad Retirement Board S State Department
SBA Small Business Administration SE Securities and Exchange Commission
SI Smithsonian Institution SSA Social Security Administration
T Treasury Department T 22 Internal Revenue Service
TD Transportation Department TDA U.S. Trade and Development Agency
VA Veterans Administration X and Y Congress
Y 1 House and Senate Reports and Documents Y 4 Congressional Committee Hearings