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Library Work Study Training Guide: Inter-Library Loan

This guide is designed to help train library work study students.



ClioWeb is the program that sends received articles to the server and makes them available to patrons in their ClioWeb accounts. Kenny has authorization to send articles to the server. Please ask him if a patron has a question or problem retrieving their article.


Setting Up My Account

My Account allows users to see all items they have ordered through Worldcat and what the status of the item is.  It also allows for patrons to renew their own books and other loanable materials, without having to ask the ILL staff to renew them.  This feature is very useful for patrons who will be ordering multiple items throughout the semester.

How to set up My Account:

1.  Click on My Account tab at the top right.  Go to new user registration.

2.  Set up user name- first and last name are easiest to use and easiest for patron to remember.

3.  Set up password- user may choose any password they want.

4.  Fill in other mandatory fields and click on register.

The user must be logged into My Account when ordering items or they will have to put all of their user information in after ordering the item.

ILL Processing/Courier Procedures

Processing Docline Requests

  1. Go into Clio lending and click on the Docline box.
  2. Click Get New Lending Messages from Docline.
  3. You will be defaulted through the login and password.  If you aren't ask Jill for this information.
  4. If there are new lending requests, click Request Awaiting RECEIPT.
  5. All new requests will appear and just click the print box.
  6. Separate the requests that you can fill from the ones that you can't.
  7. If you can't fill one, click on Request received awaiting completion.
  8. Hit reject on action and put the reason why and type in the docline number.
  9. If you can fill the request, fill it the proper way and answer that you can fill it.
  10. Keep fill as requested as the action and type in the docline number.
  11. It will save and you can close docline.

Courier Procedures

CSU-Pueblo Library ILL uses the CLIC Courier Service to transfer items to and from other Colorado Libraries.  The courier service requires that items being transferred are prepared in a certain manner. Please watch a tutorial (below) to learn more about properly preparing items for delivery using the courier. 

Processing SWIFT Requests

  1. Go to the SWIFT website:
  2. You will need to login. The login information is in the ILL office. 
  3. Once you log in, click on Reports on the left hand side.  A list of various reports will pop up and you will choose Standard Pick and Generate Report.  This will give you all of the new requests for the day. 
  4. Print them out.  If you fill the request, go in to the requests button on the left side menu and find the specific item.  Choose action and mark book as shipped. 
  5. You will need to give a due date for the item which should be six weeks from today. 
  6. If you can't fill a request, find the specific item and choose non-supply.  Choose the reason why the request can't be filled from the drop down menu.

Processing OCLC Requests

  1. Get into the CLIO program. 
  2. Go to Clio Lending. 
  3. Click on OCLC and click read new lending requests from OCLC. 
  4. It should take a few minutes and it will tell you how many new lending requests there are. 
  5. Close that box. 
  6. Go to Review new lending requests on the main CLIO lending menu.


  1. Check the courier box at the circulation desk daily for ILL returns. 
  2. If items have been returned they need to be sent back to the lending library ASAP. 
  3. Match the paperwork from the box to the labels that are on the book.  This is done by patron last name and the last four digits of the ILL number.  Remove our top copy of paperwork and put today's date that it was returned. 
  4. Remove our sticky label from the book and shred. 
  5. Put the lending library's paperwork back in the book and send it back through courier or mail depending what library it is going to. 
  6. If you can't find a library's mailing address look under Lending Policies in Worldcat.

Processing Prospector Requests

  1. Check Prospector requests whenever you print out other ILL requests. 
  2. Log in to Millennium. 
  3. Go to the Notices tab on the left side. 
  4. To print the notices out, click INNReach paging slips on the top pull down menu. 
  5. Go to prepare notices and a printing box should come up.  Choose local printer.