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*Construction Management / Civil Engineering Technology Research

Resources arranged by course offerings

Finding articles, standards & books

The library has collections of online and print resources to support your coursework in construction management and civil engineering technology. From off campus, you will need to log in to the various online collections using your network credentials.  Useful resources are listed according to course topic. The CSU-Pueblo Writing Room can help you with writing assignments.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, access issues, or if you need to set up a research consultation.  On evenings and weekends, use the library contact information to chat, text, e-mail, or call, and a librarian can assist you.

Databases for finding articles, standards, and more

The library has a variety of useful databases in which you can find trade and peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, code standards, conference proceedings,  and other forms of current research to complete your assignments.

Online books

Online books require you to log in using your CSU-Pueblo network / Blackboard account.  When you update your password, you will need to update it when you log into online books. 

Peer reviewed journals

Occasionally your professors may refer to specific journals to use for your projects.  These can be searched by title in Journals A-Z.  Journals are also linked to from each of the subject pages listed on the left.

Super Search

This is the library's catalog, and finds all of the following types of resources.  When you log in with your network account, you can personalize your searching, save your results and searches, and request materials to be placed on hold at the circulation desk or to be sent from another library at no cost through interlibrary loan.  Articles requested through interlibrary loan will be emailed to you or accessible via a link sent to your email. 

Print books 

Construction Management books are classified in TE and TH, located on the 4th floor of the LARC.

TE – Construction details Including foundations, maintenance, equipment

TH --  Building construction

New books are shelved on the first floor across from the circulation desk.

Academic and popular sources

Scholarly literature is written for an academic audience, in academic journals and peer-reviewed articles, and popular literature is written for mass appeal, in trade publications, magazines, and newspapers.

Neither scholarly nor popular literature is better than the other, but you will use them differently in writing a paper. You'll have to examine each source and evaluate how it's relevant to your project.

When you're deciding whether to use scholarly, popular, or other types of literature, you'll come across the descriptor "peer-reviewed." This means that several scholars have examined the article to ensure its academic quality and value for the field. Watch the video in the tab (to the right) for more information about peer review.

Academic, or scholarly, journals contain a mixture of Original research articles, Review articles, and Book reviews. All three of these are important parts of academic conversations.

Original research usually follows the process of peer-review. These articles discuss new research, new ways of looking at an idea, or new solutions to an old problem. In scientific fields, engineering, and psychology, original research usually contains the word "study" in the first or second sentence of the abstract.

Review articles take a long look at a large area of research, or a specific field of study. A climate scientist may write about the ways climatologists have examined tree cores. A literary scholar may examine the ways other scholars have looked at gender in Julius Caesar. An historian may write of the ways American historians have studied Darwin. A psychologist may write about how other psychologists have studied adolescent cyberbullying. Review articles are written by experts in the field, about the field, and for other researchers to examine their place in the field.

Book reviews are written by scholars as a way to discuss a book's value for the field. Often, these reviews widely vary, depending on the scope of the journal. It is important to note that these reviews are not simply whether a book is good or not; they address the value of the book for scholars in the field covered by the journal.