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MATH 156: Intro to Statistics

Finding statistical articles and reports on the internet

Search Strategy 1: Identify potential producers

Ask yourself: Who might collect or publish this type of information?

These are some of the main types of producers of statistical information: government agenciesacademic institutions, and the private sector. Oftentimes, they will publish reports or research via their websites or social media.

Search Strategy 2: Look at published literature

Look for statistics reported in journal, news, and magazine articles.

Search Strategy 3: Online searches

Think about where to search and which keywords to use. Use search engines and the library catalogAdd in terms like “data” or “statistics” with a relevant topic. 

Use advanced search features such as the “site:” command which allows you to limit your search to a certain website or domain. For example, if you think that the government is a likely producer of the statistics you need end your search with the command “” to only search within government websites.