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MATH 156: Intro to Statistics: Government Reports

Government Reports

The government collects data to aid in policy decisions and is the largest producer of statistics overall. Government statistics are free and publicly available, but may require access through library resources.

Government reports are typically more trusted than other websites that end in .com or .org.

Government Social Media

Browsing through federal social media sites can be one of the quickest ways to find new published reports and research. Check out some of the ones listed here to see what is trending.

Government Statistics

Here are some government websites that have statistical reports and research. There are many more government websites out there that you can find via Google. Use advanced search features such as the “site:” command which allows you to limit your search to a certain website or domain. For example, if you think that the government is a likely producer of the statistics you need end your search with the command “” to only search within government websites.

Example Google Search: crime statistics

This search will bring up the FBI's website, as well as crime reports for Colorado, on the first page of links. Change up your search terms to find statistics on a topic that appeals to you.