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Research Tips & Tricks

How to use SuperSearch and other library resources. Updated January 2021.

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Which citation style should I use?

If you don't know which citation style to use, ask your instructor which style is appropriate for research done in the discipline.

Generally, you can follow this rubric.

APA: psychology, education, social sciences

Chicago: history (campuswide online access to Chicago style

MLA: literature, arts, humanities

APA, MLA, and Chicago: Online Style Manuals

Citation Manuals at the Library

Citation Managers

Citation managers create personal databases of citation information as well as notes on your research. With a citation manager, you can

  • import citation information from databases, article indexes, and other sources
  • organize your citations and pdfs
  • save .pdfs alongside their citation information
  • format your citations in a particular style (MLA, APA, Chicago, and numerous others), and incorporate those citations easily in your paper
  • take notes and include them alongside citations


CSU-Pueblo students, faculty, and staff have free access to EndNote Web. You will need to Sign up for an account to save and manage citations.

Need help using EndNote? Check out the tutorial below, or register for the library's "Citing Made Simple with EndNote Web" research workshop. Also check out the Cite While You Write tutorial.

Other citation managers are available online for free use. At CSU-Pueblo, these resources are yours to use; however, the library does not provide support for them.



Need to quickly grab the citation for a book or article? Use the "citation" button in SuperSearch or click on EndNote to send the citation to a citation management tool. 

Remember: The cite button is not foolproof. Always double-check the citation before submitting your final paper.

In SuperSearch, you'll find the citation button in the Send To menu: