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*Music Research

Created August 20,2017

Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary Sources

A primary source is the work itself being discussed, and also, in research, materials written or created about it during the time period in which it was created.  Primary works can include music scores, manuscripts, concert reviews, diaries and letters of the composer  and his/her collaborators, interviews, and speeches.

You can find books and articles and limit their publication date to your composer's/work's time period using SuperSearchJSTOR is especially helpful because it offers historic coverage going back to first issues of journals. So you can find 1845 editions of The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular and reviews of Handel's Messiah played for "the aged and distressed housekeepers."


Secondary Sources

These include critiques and analysis not from the lifespan or shortly thereafter of a composer, or more broadly, the time period. Journal articles and books that provide overviews fall into this category.  Analyses of a particular work over time- treatments detailing a cultural or political aspect, offering the author's interpretation are secondary sources.

Periods and Movements

You can search any music time period across the library's collections.

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Biography in Context offers a comprehensive selection of information, including images, audiovisual, scholarly and news articles.

Wynton Marsalis


Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis, virtuoso trumpeter and bandleader, was born October 18, 1961, into a musical New Orleans family. His father Ellis Marsalis, a prominent pianist and teacher, was of considerable influence on Marsalis as were his musician brothers Branford, Delfeayo, and Jason. Branford Marsalis led the orchestra on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, while their father released albums, concentrating on a solo career. Marsalis recalled that he initially did not want to play the trumpet, but there was always one around his home while growing up. At the age of 12, he listened to a record called Giant Steps and...View More

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