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ED 351: Children's Literature

Genre Awards

Each of the following links will provide you with details on a different award for a particular genre.


Poetry includes Nursery Rhymes, Lyric Poems, and Narrative Poems.


Plays include both original plays as well as adaptations.

Short Stories

Traditional Literature

Traditional literature includes myths, epics, legends & tall tales, folktales, fables, and religious stories.

Below are some examples of this genre.  

Modern Fantasy (and Science Fiction)

Modern fantasy includes modern folktales, animal fantasy, personified toys & objects, unusual characters & situations, worlds of little people, supernatural events & mystery fantasy, historical fantasy, quest stories, and science fiction & science fantasy




Historical Fiction

Historical fiction includes the beginnings of civilization, civilizations of the ancient world, civilizations of the medieval world, emergence of modern nations, development of industrial society, world wars in the 20th century, and post-World War II. ​

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction includes books on families; peers; physical, emotional, mental, & behavioral challenges; communities; animals; sports; mysteries; moral choices; romance & sexuality; coming of age; and adventure & survival.

The best way to find these books is to perform a keyword search by a specific type of realistic fiction (see top-left for instructions).

Below are some examples of this genre.