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*Legal Research

Print Sources

Federal Case Law, 1790 to Present

  • U.S. Supreme Court Reports. K .U586 Law/Tax 
    Covers cases from 1790 through 1881. Citation: Burnet v Clark 77 L.Ed 397 [referring to volume and page]. 
  • U.S. Supreme Court Digest. K .U584 Law/Tax 
    Indexes the various Supreme Court reporters, including the "official" U.S. Reports [not located in Law/Tax, but cited as 109 U.S. 582].

Regulatory Law: Federal and State

  • Code of Federal Regulations. AE2.106/3....Doc  Please ask a librarian for these, they are on the 3rd floor because of shelving issues. Also available online CFR
  • Includes all regulations currently in force. Arranged in 50 "titles" (subjects) and revised annually. 
  • Federal Register. AE2.106....Doc Ref , 1994-2015 online
    Issued during federal work days, this publication provides text of new and proposed regulations. 
  • Code of Colorado Regulations (CCR). KFC1835 .A23....Doc Ref 
    Arranged by agency with an index at the end of the set. 
  • [Colorado Register] Digest of Current Developments. KFC1835 .A232....Doc Ref 
    Updates the CCR with texts of new regulations. 
  • [Colorado Register] Proposed Regulations. KFC1835 .A232 Doc Ref 
    Issued on an ongoing basis from 1987 to the present. 
  • Attorney General's Opinions. KFC1835 .A232 Doc Ref 
    The Colorado Attorney General's office serves as legal counsel for all state agencies.