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Using Historical Documents: Pueblo Colorado Historical Documents and Archives: Books

This guide will enable users to locate archives that house historical documents that are relevant to and/or located in the Pueblo, Co. area.


How Books Are Organized

The catalog is the best source for locating a book on a topic.  However, if you want to stroll the shelves, consider where your topic might fall.

(e.g., NA=Architecture; E=US History; F= US Local History; Canada). 

CSUP Supersearch

It's new!  Find books and articles in one search.  Enter your search terms.  Filter your results via the left sidebar's options.

Google Books Search

Enter your search term(s) below.  Results will show items available as Full View (entire book online), Partial View (part of the book is online), or only a Review of the book.   Even a Partial-View book may give you enough access to gather usable information for your paper.

Just for practice, try these searches.  Learn Cleveland's real name.

Buffalo Historical Society

Red Jacket Buffalo

Grover Cleveland

Google Book Search