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This guide aims to provide everything you need to know about eBooks at CSU-Pueblo! It is a work in progress.


How do I renew an eBook?

Renewals: You may or may not be able to renew the book before the end of the lending period. Each publisher (or vendor, such as EBook Library) has their own rules about this. The best thing to do is log into your library account and try to renew that way.

How do I "return" an eBook I've checked out?

Easy! You don't have to do anything! The DRM (Digital Rights Management) coding in the eBook itself will "check itself in." Different publishers and vendors end check-out periods in various ways. At the end of the lending period, the eBook will do one of the following, depending on how it is coded:

  • If the book was downloaded to your device, it may disappear from your device (delete itself) at the end of the lending period.
  • If the book was downloaded to your device, it may become unreadable, unopenable, or otherwise unusable at the end of the lending period.You can simply delete the file so that it doesn't take up disc space.
  • If the book is accessible to you online, the book will no longer be accessible at the end of the lending period.  You may check it out again once it is automatically "checked in."

How do I "check out" an eBook?

CSU-Pueblo provides digital books free of charge to students, faculty, staff, and campus affiliates.

If you are on campus:

Search the catalog and click through the links that say "electronic resource" or "access online." You may be required to create an account or enter authenticating information (such as your e-account), depending on the specific requirements of the publisher.

If you are off campus:

Search the catalog and click through the links that say "electronic resource" or "access online." You will be required to enter your authenticating information (such as your e-account), in addition to any other specific requirements of the publisher.

If you are not a member of the campus community (i.e. not students, faculty, staff, campus affiliates):

While we would like to make these resources available to everyone, our licensing agreements forbid it. You may access most digital materials only while in the library. Off-site access is forbidden by our contracts with publishers and database providers. Alumni are also not allowed access unless physically inside the library building or on campus.

How do I download & open borrowed eBooks?

Some vendors let you download eBooks, some let you download a chapter or two, other let you view them online only. It depends on which vendor offers the eBook you want.

EBL: See the user guide below. eBooks from EBL can be downloaded and read offline on a laptop or eBook reading device. Username and password is required for both on and off-campus access.

EBSCO: Need to create Ebsco account in order to check items out for 1 -7 days. Requires Adobe Digital Editions to view. Get an AdobeID online to download books on up to 6 different computers/mobile devices, as well as authorize your own. "This option enables you to read protected items that you download with Digital Editions on up to six computers and mobile devices.  Printing: up to 60 pages

ACLS Humanities eBooks: view online only

Springer eBooks: Download by chapter or by book.

How do I cite eBooks?

These online citation generators are handy when you've left your APA, MLA, Turabian, or Chicago Manual of Style at home. Not sure which style you're supposed to use? MLA is used most by the humanities and arts. APA is most popular with the sciences. Chicago Manual of Style is favored in journalism. When in doubt, just ask your teacher which style to use! Just make sure that you're citing the item as an eBook instead of a print book. Each style generator should let you choose the format of the book.

How do I find eReserves for my class?

Other Instructions for Library Services

How do I find audiobooks at the library?

All audiobooks are located on the first floor.