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*EPER Research

Evidence-Based Practice

What is EBP?

Evidence-based practice combines the best research evidence (found in health sciences literature) with a practitioner's clinical knowledge and the patient's values and expectations to make informed clinical decisions.

Formulating a Question

Forming a clinical question in terms of the specific patient problem will aid you in finding clinically relevant evidence in the literature. The PICO method is a format to help you define your question. Once you have formatted your question, you will translate it into a search strategy to be used in an appropriate database. 

P  Patient or Population or Problem How would you describe a group of patients similar to yours?
Intervention Which main intervention, prognosis, or exposure are you considering?
Comparison intervention, if appropriate What is the alternative you are considering (if any)?
O Outcome  What do you hope to achieve?

Levels of Evidence

Select the highest level of evidence possible when searching for sources related to your PICO question. The levels of evidence pyramid seen below demonstrates both the quality of evidence and the amount of evidence available. The quality of the evidence increases as you move up the pyramid, but the amount of evidence available decreases. You may not be able to find a study from the highest levels of the pyramid related to your topic. 

Conducting your Search