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MCCNM 317: Advertising Strategy

This guide supports the MCCNM 317: Advertising Strategy course at CSU-Pueblo. Last updated Summer 2016.

Research on advertising strategy

Mass communications is a multidisciplinary field that draws on research methods from the humanities, social sciences, statistics, computer science, and engineering. It evolves and adapts in response to emerging technologies, political perceptions of 'the media', social concerns, and economic pressures.

Mass communications research can be divided into these core areas: 

  • Media as profession: "Past and present" of media institutions, organizations, production techniques
  • Media content: representation and expression
  • Media consumption: research on audiences, consumers, effects of advertising

To conduct research on advertising strategy, you will need to consult trade publications, industry reports, consumer surveys, scholarly articles and studies, newspapers, and magazines. Some of this information is publicly available, but most requires a subscription. Both public and subscription resources on business and advertising are included on this guide.