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*Early Childhood Education Research

See what the library has to offer to support you in your coursework.

Early Childhood Education Research at CSU-Pueblo

Research for early childhood development is conducted in a few different areas- psychology, sociology, and of course, education. Researchers study cognitive development, language acquisition, social development and interactions, and present findings on optimal ways that caregivers, parents, and teachers can support and encourage early learning in very young children.  Below are some resources that can help you to further explore these areas in your own research. 

Please note: from off campus, you will often be prompted to log into library databases using your CSU-Pueblo NetID.  If you run into difficulties, you can reset your password or contact the Help Desk at 549-2002, or the Research Help Desk at 549-2333 evenings and weekends.

Most of the research in Teacher and Early Childhood Education is presented in the form of scholarly journal articles and conference papers​, found in databases such as ERIC, the Educational Resource Information Clearinghouse provided by the US Dept of Education. This is an international database, and allows you to search by educational level, reading audience, and type of source.  In addition to peer reviewed journal articles, it contains a variety of grey literature,​  This infographic shows what's in ERICThis infographic shows how materials are added to ERIC.

Use the age range limiter to search 

Psychology and sociology databases, like ERIC, allow you to limit by age range, so be sure to do this when you use them. 



Relevant databases

Find books in the CSU-Pueblo Library stacks

Start the search:

  1. Start on the library homepage. Click on Advanced Search under the SuperSearch box. 
  2. Change Search for from Everything to CSU-Pueblo. (Everything searches the entire CSU System). 
  3. Change Material Type from all items to Books
  4. Enter your keyword(s) and press Search.

Refine results: 

SuperSearch doesn't distinguish between books and ebooks. To ONLY see print books, scroll down to Collection and select Pueblo General Collection. This will eliminate ebooks.

Find the call number:

  1. Click on a book title
  2. Scroll/Jump to the Find it in Print section 
  3. Write down the call number (the long string of letters and numbers, highlighted in example below)

Find the book on the shelf:

CSU-Pueblo Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to organize books. Look at the first letter of the Call Number - that will tell you which floor you need to start on. This list is also posted in the LARC elevator, and on the digital signs next to the elevator on each floor.

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