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*Social Work Research

Locate print and electronic sources available from the CSU-Pueblo Library that relate to Social Work research.


Search the CSU-Pueblo Library Catalog using SuperSearch. Using the filters in the left-hand menu bar, limit your search to books and/or eBooks. 

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Campus Affiliates

Search the catalog. If an item is available as an eBook, you can get a copy by clicking "Download This eBook." You may need to login to complete the download.

In some cases, you may only be able to download a couple of chapters, not the entire book. Or, you may only be able to view the book online and not download it at all. It depends on the company that licenses the book to the library. 

If you are not a member of the campus community

While we would like to make eBooks available to everyone, our licensing agreements do not allow it. Some eBooks may be viewable only when you are physically in the library, but in most cases, off-campus access is not available. 

Interlibrary Loan
Request books, print and electronic articles, and more from libraries across the nation and throughout the world.

Request items via WorldCat, a global catalog containing books, video recordings, serials, and online materials from thousands of libraries worldwide.

Prospector Regional Catalog contains 20 million+ items from libraries in and around Colorado. Materials can be requested and delivered to CSU-Pueblo library.

Social Work in the LARC

Social Work books are classified in the H section and are located on the 5th floor. 

H - Social sciences (general)

HB - Economic theory. Demography

HC - Economic history and conditions

HM - Sociology (general)

HN - Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform.

HQ - The family. Marriage. Women. 

HT - Communities. Classes. Races. 

HV 40-69 - Social service. Social work. Charity. 

HV 85- 525 - Social services by region

HV 530 - The church and charity

HV 541 - Women and charity

HV 544 - Charity fairs, bazaars, etc

HV 544.5 - International social work

HV 547 - Self-help groups

HV 551.2-639 - Emergency management

HV 640 - 645 - Refugee problems

HV 650 - 670 - Life-saving

HV 675-677 - Accidents, prevention of accidents

HV 680 - 696 - Free professional services

HV 697-4959 - Protection, assistance and relief

HV 4961 - 4995 - Degeneration

HV 5001 - 5720.5 - Alcoholism. Intemperance

HV 5725 - 5770 - Tobacco habit

HV 5800 - 5840 - Drug habits. Drug abuse

HV 6001 - 7220.5 - Criminology

HV 7231 - 9960 - Criminal justice administration