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Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines for Instructors

This guide will cover the basics of copyright laws and guidelines including multimedia uses. If, after going over this site you still have questions about copyright or the TEACH act, please reach out to a CSU Pueblo Librarian.

TEACH requirements

This is for the use of copyrighted materials in online/distance learning. 

  • Do not use commercial materials that are created solely for the purpose of digital distance learning.
  • Do not use pirated works or works that you have not lawfully purchased yourself.
  • Limit the use to what would generally be used in a live classroom.
  • Use the copyrighted work as an interactive part of the class assignment. You could also use it as material included in a lecture. Do not use it as optional reading or background material.
  • Limit access to the copyrighted material to only students enrolled in the class, avoid allowing students to download materials, and do not keep available longer than the class session the material pertains to.
  • Notify the students that the material you are using is or may be subject to copyright. Include the reason for your use of copyrighted material is in accordance with the TEACH act but that there should be no copying or saving of said materials.