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MCCNM 317: Advertising Strategy

This guide supports the MCCNM 317: Advertising Strategy course at CSU-Pueblo. Last updated Summer 2016.

Polls and surveys

Books and ebooks

Media strategy and scholarly research

Trade publications, industry reports, and business news

Newspapers and magazines

The CSU-Pueblo library subscribes to 60+ major newspapers and popular magazines. Current issues are on display in the 3rd floor reading area. Past issues are stacked under the metal shelves, or in bound volumes on the surrounding shelves. The reading room also contains a microfilm reader for examining old issues of major newspapers.

Vintage advertising

Looking for vintage advertising campaigns? You'll find them in primary source collections. Historical newspapers, prints, and photographs can be found in hundreds of archives and museums across the country. Many of these collections have been digitized and can be viewed online.