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PSYCH 403: Emotional Intelligence

Research resources - user your network login from off campus

Accessing and Downloading

You have a few options:

1. Read the book online, by opening the Table of Contents on the left side,  without downloading it.  You can use the options to save or print a limited number of pages. It will NOT require you to check it out and download it if you do this.  (Sorry, I lied yesterday.  It was a psychological experiment around trust.) 

reading it online and using save and print options for limited number of pgs.


2. Download it (requires Adobe Digital Editions download to your laptop ) First you need to create an Ebsco account.  Remember, this is between you and the Ebsco company and does not require campus credentials nor e-mail.  This account also allows you to save items to folders (including ebooks), for future use, and to set up search alerts if you are doing long term research. It works across all 50 or so of the Ebsco platform databases, including PsycINFO, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, and Academic Search Premier. 

After setting up your Ebsco account, you'll be prompted to download Adobe Digital Editions. During this process, you may be prompted to create an Adobe ID (again, nothing to do with the university).   This is a good idea, since it allows you to access books across devices.  Once that is installed, the book will be downloaded and file type associated with Adobe Digital Editions. 

Here is the tutorial for doing this. 

You'll also be prompted for the check out period.  And, yes, the book does disappear after that timeframe. Again, I lied yesterday. Sorry. 


3. If you don't want to download it, you can go into your Ebsco account and add it to a folder there so that you have it in a permanent location.