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COMR 103: Speaking and Listening

Resources and info to support your speeches

Informational Speech Resources

Multiple Subjects

Statista produces infographics on a variety of topics, that you can download and incorporate into your presentations, being sure to cite them.

Arts, Culture, Travel

Health, Environment, Science

Searching Local Topics

Search Strategies

Phrase Searching

Place several words within quotes to search those exact words in that exact order.

  • "rocky mountains"
  • "hydrocarbon pollution"

Truncation and Wildcards

Use a symbol (usually * or ?) to search all words that start with entered letters.

  • acid* searches for acid, acids, acidic, acidity, acidification, acidosis
  • neur* will search for anything dealing with the brain
  •  *oxid* matches terms such as antioxidant, dioxide, oxidative, and polyphenoloxidase.
  • wom?n searches for woman and women

Boolean Operators

AND searches for both terms, OR searches for either term, NOT omits a term.

  • "heavy metal" AND "pollution" NOT "lead"
  • "heart" OR "card*"
  • "Na" OR "sodium"