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*French Research

A starting place for your research.

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Finding Materials in the Library

Circulating books on French language are shelved by Library of Congress call number PC on the 5th floor, and French literature is shelved by Library of Congress call number PQ on the 4th floor. VHSes are also on the 4th floor, and shelved by accession number instead of call no. (example: 356277).  DVDs and cds are on the first floor by the Circulation Desk. New books spend some initial time on a display on the first floor.

Catalog Search Tips

  • To virtually browse the shelves, do a browse search on Library of Congress Call #.
  • The catalog is fiercely Anglocentric, and diacritics like accents ' confuse it. This is generally true for most databases.
  • Stop words like "a" "an" "of"  "l'" "d'" are unnecessary and can limit your search results.
  • Use wild cards, for example, french lit* as a keyword search brings all variants.