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Interlibrary Loan Department: Request Articles

How to use Interlibrary Loan at CSU-Pueblo

ILL Article requests

ILL Articles FAQ

How Long till I Get my article?:  Articles usually take from a few hours to a few days.  Occasionally a difficult article can take many days or weeks.  ILL will do everything to get a request ASAP.

Is there a cost?:  No, there are no costs to get articles (or anything) for faculty, staff, students, or community members.  Very rarely, we will run into a situation for a very specialized request.  CSUP Library will pay upfront the first $15.00 of any costs.

I clicked on an article and it said that I had to purchase it.  Is that right?  No, ILL can get an article at no cost.



Find It @CSUPueblo and ILL Get It

Use Find It at CSU-Pueblo from within library databases to get articles



SCENARIO 1 You are searching the electronic databases and find an article that is not available full-text.  Look for the Wolfie Icon 

Find it @ CSU-PuebloFind it @ CSU-Pueblo When neither print nor electronic is available.  It automatically submits An ILL request.   Click the Wolfie icon and the citation will populate into a request page.  Fill in the required patron info. and your article is on the way!

SCENARIO 2 You have an article citation that a professor has given you to find to view your ILL Account.  There you will find  "Create Request".  Enter the citation info. into the fields along with required patron info.and submit.



Subject Guide

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