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DELETELibrary Academic Resource Center

This guide is designed to give you an overview of the CSU-Pueblo Library Academic Resource Center (LARC) Building and the resources available in it.

Southern Colorado Educational Opportunity Center

TRiO Educational Opportunity Center:

Assist adult and high school students in entering college and obtaining financial assistance for their education.

To learn more please visit the SCEOC website:

Student Support Services

TRiO Student Support Services: 

Increase the retention and graduation rates of college students who are low-income, first-generation or students with a documented disability.

To Learn more please visit the Student Support Services website:

President's Leadership Program

The President's leadership Program (PLP) is a 4 year program designed to develop leaders that will contribute to the success of the state of Colorado and the individual communities where they live and work. 

PLP challenges its participants to identify and engage in leadership issues facing Southern Colorado in order to solve the problems of the 21st Century.

For more information please visit the President's Leadership Program website:

Veterans Upward Bound

TRiO Veterans Upward Bound:

Provide assistance to veterans transitioning into higher education through academic skills refresher training. Now located in Admin 201B. 


To learn more please visit the Veterans Upward Bound Website:

Upward Bound

TRiO Upward Bound:

Provide high school students the academic, social, and cultural support necessary for graduation, college admission, and success.


For more information please visit the Upward Bound website:

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