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DELETELibrary Academic Resource Center

This guide is designed to give you an overview of the CSU-Pueblo Library Academic Resource Center (LARC) Building and the resources available in it.

Research Help Desk & Reference Collection

The Research Help  Desk is located in the center of the 2nd floor at the top of the main staircase. Here you can find research assistance all hours the library is open. Contact information:, text 719-425-4045 phone 719-549-2333.

The reference collection is located throughout the 2nd floor.  This collection includes useful resources to begin your research project, including subject encyclopedias, statistical sources, testing and legal resources. Online reference materials can be found at the Reference Sources research guide.

ITC Training: LARC 226-231

The Instructional Technology Center provides training and support to the university community on a variety of computer and computer software issues.  The ITC produces a number of useful tutorials available online. 

For more information please visit the ITC website:  


Contact: Adam Pocius @ 719-549-2024 or email:

JAWS computer

The second floor includes one computer equipped with Jaws screen reading software.  The computer is located against the cement wall directly across from the research help desk.  It is the computer on the right (westside of the computer bank). 

For assistance using this software please contact Karen Pardue at ext. 2326. 

Library Offices: LARC 206-210

Located on the 2nd Floor are the offices of4  librarians:

  • Librarian Assistant:  Shannon Espinoza 549-2363; RM: LARC 206
  • Outreach Librarian:  Sally LaJoie  549-2826; RM: LARC 207
  • Director of Education, Research, & Outreach Services: Sandy Hudock 549-2527; RM: LARC 208
  • Librarian Assistant: Erin DeCuir 549-2332; RM: LARC 210



The 2nd floor of the library building includes

  • 45 computers
  • 2 black & white/ color printer/scanner/photocopiers
  • 3 stand alone scanners attached to workstations
  • community members with LID cards and guest users may use the 9 computers nearest the Research Help Desk
  • short term guest login (without printing capabilities) is also available at these computers

Conference Room: LARC 236

This conference room is equiped with a 55 inch monitor and 10 chairs around a conference table.  It is available on reserve for the community by calling Kim Hunter at 719-549-2361.

Training Room: LARC 217

Straight ahead from the top of the stairs is a multi work station training room shared by Library Instruction and ITC for classes and other group training events. To reserve it, contact ITC staff at 549-2566.

English Composition Classrooms: LARC 201 & 202

On the east side of the second floor are two English Composition Classrooms.  These rooms are equipped with 24 computers and are scheduled for English Composition classes throughout the day.  

Group Study Spaces

LARC 210 & 211 are group study rooms, and available on a first come, first served basis.