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Guide to data management

An overview for researchers on how to collect, manage, organize, and preserve data at all stages of the research process.

NASA Overview

In response to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy memorandum "Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Research," released in February 2013, NASA created a public access policy. It has two requirements for researchers: 

  • A data management plan must be included as part of grant proposals
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers, and associated data must be deposited in NASA PubSpace

NASA announced in 2016 that it plans to use PubMed Central (managed by the NIH) to permanently preserve and provide easy public access to peer-reviewed papers resulting from NASA-funded research. Beginning with research funded in 2016, all NASA-funded authors and co-authors are required to deposit copies of their peer-reviewed scientific publications and associated data (excluding patents, personal privacy data, export control, proprietary restrictions, and other applicable regulations). 

PubSpace is a new addition to NASA's existing Data Portal, a publicly available catalog of datasets, APIs, and visualizations from around the web.