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ED 301: Frameworks of Teaching: Databases

Updated Nov. 4, 2016

Search Strategies

Phrase Searching

Place several words within quotes to search those exact words in that exact order.

  • "classroom management"
  • "second language acquisition"

Truncation and Wildcards

Use a symbol (usually * or ?) to search all words that start with entered letters.

  • pedago* searches for pedagogy, pedagogies, pedagogical
  • disab*  searches disabled, disability, disabilities
  •  *assess* matches preassessment, post assessment

Boolean Operators

AND searches for both terms, OR searches for either term, NOT omits a term.

  • "inquiry-based learning" AND "group work" NOT "science"
  • "teaching techniques" OR "learning strategies"
  • "interventions OR strategies OR best practices"



Sources to Use in Teacher Education

Most of the research in Teacher Education is presented in the form of Scholarly Journal Articles and Conference Papers. Other sources, such as books, have their uses, but your research will rely primarily on scholarly articles.

To find these sources, you'll want to use  ERIC, the  Education Research Information Clearinghouse, created by the US Department of Education.

  • The Ebsco and Proquest versions connect to library-owned journal articles, and offer greater searching capability than the free government site.  

Super Search has changed since Fall 2016, and we are still working on optimizing it.  For now, starting your research in ERIC is your best bet.

Finding Journals & Interlibrary Loan

Use this to see if we can provide full-text access to the journal you need.

If we don't own the journal you need, enter your citation into the ClioWeb form. We'll interlibrary loan it for you!