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*Business research

A guide to doing library research on companies, industries, economics, and finance.

Picking a topic: trending industries

Curious about active and emerging markets? The Statista platform identifies growing sectors of the digital market including e-commerce, advertising, and personal technology, as well as core consumer markets.

Statista contains easy-to-read reports, as well as eye-catching graphs, slides, and infographics, all available for download and incorporation into presentations and papers.

Company research in three easy steps

1. Profile the Company

Find out who the company is and what it does. Determine whether it's publicly traded or privately held—public companies are much easier to research. Start by searching the databases below to examine public records, stock reports, and annual reports:

2. Find Current News and In-Depth Articles

Business magazines and journals provide added depth and insight into a company's operations, strategies, and competition. Find articles, industry profiles, SWOT analyses, and other in-depth reporting in these databases:

3. Analyze Financials, Market, Competitors, and Industry

Find information on competitors, industry trends, and market behavior to analyze the company's strategy and potential growth.